GSMA Marketplace Q&A

The GSMA Marketplace site has shut down effective March 31st 2018. GSMA will no longer offer this online network and will continue to focus on in-person opportunities to connect buyers and sellers at our Mobile World Congress and Mobile 360 Series events.

We would like to thank our sponsors, buyer and seller companies, and individual users of our platform for their support since its launch in 2015.

Please reference the questions and answers section below for additional information.

Q. What will happen to my company account on the Marketplace?

A. All accounts and user IDs will be deactivated from our site on March 31st 2018.

Q: What will happen to the data?

A. Per our service terms and conditions, the data within the marketplace remains with the GSMA and will be deleted once GSMA no longer has a legitimate business need for retention of the data.

Q. Do I have to take any action to terminate or shutdown my login user ID on the Marketplace?

A. No. All login credentials will automatically terminate on March 31st

Q. What if my company purchased a subscription which ends beyond March 31st?

A. All buyer accounts were free of charge on the Marketplace. For subscription sellers (accounts that are Gold or Platinum), a refund amount will be prorated based on the subscription price paid and the number of days remaining on your subscription (each month is based on 30 days). For example, if you paid $1,200 for your subscription in January 1st 2018, you are entitled to a refund of 270 days or $900. ($1,200/360 days of the subscription* Number of days remaining on subscription).

Q. Do I need to contact the GSMA for my refund?

A. No. The refund will be processed to the credit card used to purchase your subscription or credited against your existing exhibition account, as applicable, within a reasonable period following shut down.

Q. What if I purchased the GSMA Marketplace subscription as part of my 2018 exhibition space?

A. Your exhibition account will automatically be credited with the appropriate refund.

Q. Who may I contact if I have further questions?

A. Please direct your inquiry to